Catamount Contsructors

“Thank you: The phrase is simple and the words are few but behind them lies a world of appreciation.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your team for the fantastic efforts made in the successful completion of Sloan’s Lake Retail in Denver Colorado.

It is a pleasure to work with professional subcontractors who operate with integrity. In our business, we take pride in completing projects on time and to the highest possible quality for our clients. Your commitment to the project ensured this was no exception. Please express our appreciation to your entire team who worked on this project. We were proud to have you as part of our team and look forwards to future opportunities to work together.”

-Kurt Kenchel, Project Executive, Catamount Contractors

GH Phipps Construction Companies 

"RYCH Electric has, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with. Not only are they reliable to get the job done, the quality of work is always exceptional. Communication is never an issue and RYCH can always be counted on for pricing, excellent quality of work and responsible and dedicated staff to the project."

-Crista Glucksman, Special Projects, GH Phipps  

"In an industry with constant issues with skilled labor and subcontractor reliability, I know I can always rely on Rych Electric to do what’s needed for the project to be successful.  I can always rely on their management to be professional, responsive and knowledgeable.  I can always rely on their field to meet the safety, schedule and quality requirements for that project.  Rych Electric will always be a contractor that I look forward to working with."

-Bryan Pettersen, PM / Estimator, GH Phipps